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At High to Low Voltage, we know that you need to keep the power on. Your business depends on it. To do so, you need quick, reliable solutions to your urgent electrical and transformer needs. We understand the challenge of not having what you need, when you need it, which is why we’ve been problem-solving urgent transformer needs for over 20 years!  

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Huge Lot of Electrical Equipment

High to Low Voltage has made a significant purchase in NEW Crypto/Distribution Padmount Transformers.  Our transformers have a J-Tap high voltage configuration (14400, 13800, 13200, 12700, 12470, 12000, 11700) as well as a set-up for dual secondary outputs (480Y/277 and 415Y/240).  We have 27 Transformers that are available, in stock and ready to ship.
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Transformer troubles? Know who to call. These folks did and it made all the difference!


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"We had a failure and needed a transformer immediately. High to Low Voltage had one in stock and ready to ship. The staff was knowledgeable and available immediately. They processed the order without a hard copy PO and made sure we were taken care of. They are at the top of our list when it comes to electrical equipment and supplies!"
- Electrical Operator, Midstream Company

“I have worked with High to Low for a few years now in crypto projects. [Their] understanding of the short time frames, cost implications, and late-night phone calls is what keeps us coming back. [Their]design help and knowledge of the systems is always incredibly helpful.”
- Owner, Cryptocurrency Company

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Need Service, Repair or Rental?

Whether you're facing transformer failure or are just being proactive about component lifespan, H&H Transformer, Inc. can provide you with a full-service model for transformer service and repair. As our preferred service partner, H&H Transformer's expert service crews travel across the country providing transformer testing, maintenance, and emergency repair.

With a fleet of specifically-built transformers and other electrical equipment, High to Low Rentals is here to ensure that you can get back up and running in emergency situations, temporary applications, and other short-term needs.

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