The Why: Fully Reconditioned Circuit Breakers

February 21, 2019

Protect your location from a sudden electrical surge that could put you out of business for days, weeks, or if damage is costly enough, altogether.

Your home or your business needs consistent electrical flow, but because the same grid powers homes, business offices, and industrial facilities, the electricity required a teaching location is specific. Reconditioned circuit breakers make sure that your business is not overloaded during an electrical surge through the grid. If the amount of electricity exceeds the capacity of the circuit, it shuts off, blocking the flow of electricity and protecting your phones, computers, and industrial equipment.

Fully reconditioned circuit breakers provide the businesses we serve with a competitively priced way to protect your location from a sudden electrical surge that could put you out of business for days, weeks, or if the damage is costly enough, altogether.  

High to Low Voltage provides access to a range of reconditioned circuit breakers to meet your needs:

Low voltage circuit breakers

Low voltage circuit breakers protect homes, office buildings, and any manufacturing business that is using personal technologies to manufacture goods or provide services.

Medium voltage circuit breakers

Medium voltage circuit breakers protect industrial technologies that use electricity at a higher voltage than personal items.

Insulated case circuit breakers

These molded case circuit breakers contain an integral 2-step stored energy mechanism. These use a molded plastic instead of an iron frame to hold the mechanism in place, reducing conductivity. These breakers protect from outside contaminants, so they are of prime use in production that results in dust, metal filings, dirt, or debris.

Airframe circuit breakers

These breakers use an air barrier and spring-loaded systems to maintain or disengage the flow of electricity. When the system is tripped, the spring-loaded system disengages, stopping the flow of electricity. These have a primary use in locations free of debris that could impinge on the operation of the spring system.

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