Emergency Needs & The Role of Reconditioned 3-phase Transformers

February 21, 2019

Industrial electrical systems can be costly to repair or replace in the circumstance of a breakdown.

Transformers, in particular, a vital part of the electrical grid, are at risk of going down in areas with aging infrastructure. To replace a transformer, you’ll need something that’s reliable and dependable, and that can be installed quickly. Building a transformer from scratch can take a year or more to complete.

Bridging the Gap

As a result, reconditioned transformers and other surplus electrical supplies are the ideal solutions to stand in the gap when a transformer is damaged or destroyed. A reconditioned transformer allows you to find the equipment you need, fully backed by industry standards & guarantees, all at a more affordable price. And this approach allows you to keep electricity moving to consumers. At High to Low Voltage, you’ll find high-quality, dependable electrical systems, including reconditioned transformers, ready and able to be deployed quickly to reduce outages and to keep the grid up and running.

In addition ,oftentimes you’re looking to update your current framework without an emergent event that dictates timeline and urgency. Many metropolitan and rural areas still have aging infrastructure in place that is simply unable to keep up with the demands of the modern age of electrical usage. Whether the equipment is older and starting to break down or it just can’t handle the demands of a modern urban or suburban area, evaluating your current framework is essential to prepare for the unforeseen challenges of tomorrow.

In the Event of Emergency

In emergency circumstances, an emergency transformer can keep your facility running until electricity is restored. Emergency Transformers have been built to make mobile installation possible when the history of transformer design is such that each transformer is engineered and built individually to meet individual specifications. The concept behind an emergency transformer is to access a technology that can work with other equipment to meet or exceed capacity while the original transformer is being rebuilt or repaired.

In addition, 3-phase transformers are used to convert electricity from a power generating station into a stable single-phase load that can power everyday electrical appliances. Every community relies on 3-phase electrical transformers at some stage in the process of getting electricity from generators to end consumers.

No matter your electrical needs, High to Low Voltage is ready with the solution. We carry a variety of products that can best fit your electrical requirements while considering time to delivery and cost efficiency in maintaining electrical infrastructure.

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